Friday, April 18, 2014


I promised myself that I would blog more last year and here I am blogging for the first time in 2014. Oopsie! My legitimate excuse is I had a busy end to 2013 including falling in love and moving back to New England. With that said, I have had a major transition and found myself having to deal with the worst winter New England has had in years. It was oh so pretty at first, but now I'm more than ready for spring! Spring is officially here yet we are still having storms and cold weather. I miss California...a lot...I miss my California family, I miss jasmine and wisteria scents as I walk my dog, I miss my hikes and picking wild California sage, I miss some of the sun but not those 85-90 degree days. I miss the flower market being 8 minutes away, I miss the wholesale flower prices, I miss cutting succulents from my yard rather than buying them at the Boston market which are overpriced, I miss all my beautiful indoor trees and plants, I miss being able to plant things outdoors no matter what the season is, and my favorite place...Big Sur. One day we will meet again.

Enough of my rant, New England is so beautiful, so much history, and so REAL. We have the most amazing seasons and I'm over the moon for just needs to hurry up already! I have my family back and my true love whom I've known since I was 14 years old. We live in the cutest seaside town that has the perfect mix of old school New Englanders, farmer's, sailors, art students, and thirty something  We have fantastic restaurants & bars, farmer's markets, organic markets, amazing coffee roasted here in town, art galleries, vintage and home decor shops. We have everything the city offers but more intimate and lots of local support. The air is fresh and there is lots of green! I love it and it feels good to be HOME.

Building my business in a new state isn't easy but everything has been happening so organically and opportunities are in abundance. I've had a pop up event (above) at an amazing shop called Diamonds & Rust. The shop owners Janelle and Jake have been so supportive and generous. I was also lucky enough to meet the talented Fawn Deviney whom has blessed Luna Moss with her incredible eye. All images above were captured by her. We had delicous gourmet donuts made by a local bakery and cafe called Half Baked 

I'm having my first workshop just in time for Mother's Day on May 9th. You will be able to create your own arrangement, learn some styling tips, and take it home along with your own floral shears and canvas tote bag. Please join us and register soon as space is limited. 

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